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Mission Statement

It is my intention to offer a unique style of holistic complementary health support which encompasses body, mind, soul and spirit, strengthening relationships, families and communities, while facilitating each person's individual and powerful innate wisdom to reclaim their own wellness, heal themselves, and flourish through life's transitions.

The Company

The foundations of Sage Traditions emerged in early 2012 after Bev completed her Spiritual Healer's Training (now known as 'Integrative Chakra Therapy ®'), began to integrate those practices with her physical wellness background, and discovered a need for a greater common awareness of the connection of all levels of wellness as they affect each other. Since then, her practice has expanded and continues to do so as she adds new modalities, tools, and knowledge on a regular basis. 


Sage Traditions now offer a variety of healing modalities, herbs and herbal remedies, training, workshops, and events.


Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact Bev. Check back later for new updates to the website. There’s much more to come!

Bev Wein

Bev, a mother of three and grandmother of six, comes from a life-long passion of connecting with nature and it's wisdom and sustainable country living. Inspired by the natural world, Bev pursued a career in the natural and complimentary health field after completing the home schooling of her three children. She has been working in alternative and complimentary wellness since 2006, during which time she studied through various courses, workshops and acquired experience in nutrition and wellness, cold laser therapy, applied kinesiology, and Brain Gym. In 2009, she began her studies with Light News Institute, to become certified for the course, 'Spiritual Healer’s Training for the Whole Human Being', now taught as 'Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT)' under renowned spiritual healer, counselor and author, Dr. Richard Jelusich, PhD. Currently, Bev is the Alberta, Canada Director for Light News Institute and serves on the faculty as a Certified Instructor of the Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT) modality.


Bev has obtained her reflexology certification and herbalist education through Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, and also currently continues her Herbal Wellness studies through various Herbalist Teachers, adding new tools and updated knowledge to her practice on a regular basis.

Out of a recognition that the community and village are an essential element to wellness, Bev also co-founded One Tree Village, a community dedicated to spiritual growth, self empowerment, connection and support, and for many years has facilitated regular women's circles and gatherings, Earth Children groups, Maidens' Circles and various workshops and retreats.


With her awareness of how we all relate to each other and our environment on an energetic level and her intuitive abilities developed through ICT training, plus her training in Natural and Herbal Wellness, Bev brings these elements together for a powerful approach to Healing and Wellness. While using the physical healing properties of herbs and touch through reflex points and so on, are very valuable, these elements of healing can also be called upon energetically and serve as an excellent integration for healing even through distance energy healing sessions.

Today, her practice integrates the physical with the non-physical, facilitating balance, self awareness and self-empowerment with her clients and students in a way that addresses all levels of the being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each level is deeply interwoven with the others, and wellness depends on addressing it all.

Currently, within Sage Traditions, Bev personally offers a variety of services including: one on one private sessions (distance or in-person); group energetic balancing (healing) sessions (distance or in-person); creates and provides herbal products and specific remedies with consultation; is available for event public speaking and lectures; provides a range and variety of training and educational workshops relating to her work. The training she has available to offer ranges from basic children's spiritual development or nature classes to including full certified training, with an in class group or as a private mentor, to people who wish to become an Integrative Chakra Therapy® practitioner or Instructor, and many levels in between.


“My passion and connection with nature, herbs and my garden inspires me to integrate Earth’s amazing innate wisdom into all areas my life whether it be family, my practice of healing and empowering women, my studies or my volunteer work with local healers. Understanding that we each are an integral part of the existence of all things, and likewise all of nature's wisdom resides with each of us, is an essential step to discovering the personal power one actually has within this life on every level; body, mind, soul and spirit. It is my desire to serve as an inspiration and support to those who wish to discover and apply their own powerful innate wisdom through connecting how each level of being relates and affects the other, and integrating it into their lives towards whole being wellness."

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