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Sage Traditions offers a variety of healing modalities and educational workshops either in person on online, including:
Private Session Rates
Available in-Person or distance via Zoom or email


30 min herbal consult........$40.00

30 min session ..... $60.00

60 min session........$100.00

90 min session........ $130.00

120 min session....  $150.00

* 15% discounts for seniors, students and students or graduates of Integrative Chakra Therapy®


Please note that modalities, products and services offered by Beverly Wein and Sage Traditions are intended to be in complementary support to your current health care regime and no diagnosis nor prescription is implied or offered, nor are any of these treatments claimed as a substitute for medical care for any specific medical problem. If you are experiencing any specific medical concern, it is recommended that you consult with your medical doctor as soon as possible.

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