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Herbal Wisdom


Herbs and plants are nature's gift to us to not only provide all the nourishment we need for life, remedies we may require for any injury, imbalance or disease, but also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Spirit. The power of plant medicine has commonly been taken for granted in our society. Reconnecting with this valuable resource is the key to thriving for humanity! Even in modern herbalism, with great focus on the physical properties of an herb, the ancient plant spirit wisdom is often forgotten in our search for healing. To also embrace healing of our spirit through including plant spirit medicine, is to restore congruency with our true spirit nature!

At Sage Traditions I offer to share my herbal knowledge and experience with you as you journey on your path to wellness.

I also am available for various educational workshops on connecting with plant medicine, creating herbal remedies and using herbs for health and healing. Spending time with your food and herbs in preparation and connection is the most powerful medicine you can create for your health and healing. It is my aim to inspire and empower you to take charge of your health!


All herbals and recommendations by Sage Traditions are intended to compliment a current health care regime and are not intended for prescription or diagnosis. Any consultations and information I offer are for educational purposes only. I make no claims of cure or treatment and encourage you to listen to your heart and body. If you have any specific medical concerns it is recommended that you consult with your personal health care provider.


Please note that modalities, products and services offered by Beverly Wein and Sage Traditions are intended to be in complementary support to your current health care regime and no diagnosis nor prescription is implied or offered, nor are any of these treatments claimed as a substitute for medical care for any specific medical problem. If you are experiencing any specific medical concern, it is recommended that you consult with your medical doctor as soon as possible.

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