Chakra Journey Healing Circle Series

This is an 8 week series, with one, 3 hour workshop held per week. You will learn about and explore each of your 7 main chakras, one each evening, in a small group setting.


We will discuss energy anatomy in general the first week, and explore one chakra per week in the subsequent weeks. Each evening will be divided into portions to include learning about the qualities of each chakra, how they relate to each other, and ways to nourish and nurture each one; a guided meditation, journey or activity for you to get to know your own chakras; feedback on your personal chakra strengths and weaknesses; and circle discussion. 


As you spend time learning about and exploring your chakras in this series, they will begin to awaken and and evolve. This is a wonderful opportunity for personal energetic and spiritual growth and beginning to get to know your higher self in an intimate way. You will not only become familiar with what and where your chakras are, and create a healing space and community for yourself, but you will come away with tools to recognize energetic imbalance, awaken your chakras and bring yourself into balance when needed.

LOCATION: The location for this series may or may not be at our healing center in DeWinton depending on the time and season so will vary with each individual series. Please note location details on the current registration form or on the Facebook event page for your particular group. Exact address will also be sent to you with your confirmation letter.



-You may wish to bring a pen and notebook.
-For workshops held at our healing center please dress weather appropriate for being inside the Moon Tipi (summer only). The tipi is usually relatively warm with the stove going however you may wish to have a sweater or layers along. Blankets and cushions are available.

-Winter workshops will be held indoors or at an alternate location


INVESTMENT: $160 *Payment options available as listed below.

Click here for the REGISTRATION form PLUS send an e-transfer for either option #1 or #2 to This is necessary to complete your registration and secure your place. Once your registration and payment is received and processed you will be emailed a confirmation letter with location address and details. If the circle is filled, there will no longer be access to the current registration form link. Please email Bev also, if you wish to put your name on a waiting list for another upcoming series.

*Payment Options:

#1. Pay in full $160 upon registration. (Most economical)

#2. Minimum $80 deposit required with registration, $12 due each subsequent week for 8 weeks through end of series, for a total of $176

#3. Contact Bev at to discuss any other payment options or assistance that may be suitable for you. 

Registration Deadline is 7 days before scheduled workshop. Space is limited and a minimum number of registrants are required to run the workshop.

For information on any scheduled upcoming workshops, visit our Facebook page under events or contact Bev at