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What Is Integrative Chakra Therapy®?

It’s official! After a number of years of studying, practising, training and assistant teaching, as of August 20, 2018, I am now a fully certified Instructor of Integrative Chakra Therapy® with Light News Institute!

Original Post: September 2018


L to R: My teacher and mentor, Dr. Richard Jelusich, founder of Light News Institute and Integrative Chakra Therapy®; myself, Bev Wein ~Photo credit: Deirdre Leighton


Integrative Chakra Therapy® is an intensive course of study and practical experience of working deeply and effectively with the subtle energetic field.

We all have the abilities to understand and work within the subtle energy field because we are 'of' that! However, sometimes the practical application of this is difficult to realize in experience due to the limitations of our mind. With guidance and practice, you can learn to move beyond those illusions that seem to inhibit your intuitive experience and perception of the subtle energy field. As you work your way through this course, you will come to a clear understanding in knowledge and experience of recognizing and working with the chakra and energetic anatomy and systems, energetic attachments, karma, past lives, mediumship and channeling and much, much more. Grasping a clear comprehension and experience of these areas is a huge step towards self empowerment and understanding who you really are and the stuff you are actually made of!

There is an energetic shift happening and many of us can feel its intensity. We intuitively know there is something 'more' out there beyond this physical existence. Thus we are drawn to learn more and explore what seems to be the paranormal but oddly seems so familiar. Awakening to the subtle energies around you can sometimes be an intense and even frightening experience if you are not prepared, or do not have an understanding of how this energy works. Studying and working with a trained and experienced subtle energy teacher and mentor who is committed to support you through a course such as this provides a safe and protected system for you to develop your intuitive abilities and comprehension. Awakening is always best done 'in the safety way', as my teacher says.

This course allows you to study at various levels; either simply for your own spiritual growth; or continue to become a certified Integrative Chakra Therapy® practitioner to facilitate others’ energetic balancing through private sessions; or even eventually become an Instructor of Integrative Chakra Therapy® to support and assist those who wish to study and expand their own intuitive abilities and comprehension of the subtle energy system. If you've ever desired to explore and learn more about the deeper and unknown side of existence, then this course is for you.

I am excited to be teaching this course which has been life-changing for me! If you are interested in studying with me, drop me a line to be sure you don't miss out on start dates and I'll keep you personally posted.



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