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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aroma is an essential part of our daily lives. A certain scent can easily bring tears to one’s eyes, make you smile or laugh, or take you back in time to a place you haven’t thought of for ages! This is because there is a direct connection with the olfactory nerve (sense of smell) to the brain. That is why aromatherapy can be very healing. Not only do certain plant aromas carry their own healing strengths in specific areas, but they are capable of triggering your own healing powers as you journey to wellness. Beyond the therapeutic benefits of aroma, essential oils offer endless direct physical healing properties as well. Distilled directly from plants, these oils contain the concentrated energy and healing power of the plant.

    Essential oils are used extensively throughout most sessions. Aromas are introduced intuitively, according to individual needs. Oils also are used directly on the feet during a reflexology session to aid in stimulation of certain points according to individual needs. ALL scents used are natural and pure plant derivatives. I do not use any synthetic scents since, not only do these not contain the energy and natural healing constituents, but will contribute to toxicity and poor health. If you have any concerns, allergies or dislike of the use of pure essential oils in any way, please discuss this with me prior to your appointment. I will be happy to avoid the use of such on request, or tailor the use according to individual preferences.


Please note that modalities and services offered by Beverly Wein and Sage Traditions are intended to be in complementary support to your current health care regime and no diagnosis nor prescription is implied or offered, nor are any of these treatments claimed as a substitute for medical care for any specific medical problem. If you are experiencing any specific medical concern, it is recommended that you consult with your medical doctor as soon as possible.

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