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Whole Being Wellness Support

At Sage Traditions, I practice from the perspective that health encompasses all levels of our being, not only the commonly thought of physical level, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well. These levels are all very interconnected and affect each other in ways we are often unaware of. 

    Through Whole Being Wellness Support, I am available as a support on your path of reclaiming your wellness. Each person is different, depending on their needs, and so is each session. If you are looking for natural, complimentary support for a current medical condition or a specific health issue or simply wishing to improve your general wellbeing, I am able to offer you various modalities and resources according to your needs. We can work together to assist you in finding new perspectives towards your wellness which you may not have previously considered. I offer a wide knowledge and experience in nutrition, natural eating and remedies, natural living, fitness, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual balance, and can help you wade through the enormous amount of health information and opinions out there as you make empowered personal choices. I can assist you in discovering ways to incorporate wellness changes into your life that are unique to you and your needs.

The purpose of these sessions is to assist you in finding ways to take proactive steps to heal each level related to any given issue you may be faced with, whether it is rooted in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. While it is generally recommended to schedule 60 min for your first session after your consultation, for subsequent visits the length and number of sessions required is specific to individual needs. Depending on the individual, these sessions are often combined with other modalities such as Integrative Chakra Therapy™, Reflexology, or Cold Laser Therapy techniques for maximum benefit and progress.

Please note that modalities, products and services offered by Beverly Wein and Sage Traditions are intended to be in complementary support to your current health care regime and no diagnosis nor prescription is implied or offered, nor are any of these treatments claimed as a substitute for medical care for any specific medical problem. If you are experiencing any specific medical concern, it is recommended that you consult with your medical doctor as soon as possible.

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